Why Go for Bulk SMS Marketing Services Even After Bulk SMS Price Hike

If you are one whose business has made huge benefits from using online bulk SMS marketing services you should definitely not to worried about the price hike of bulk SMS. Despite the fact that the decisions made by the network operators to increase their charge somehow has forced the bulk SMS service providers to increase bulk SMS charge by a slight percentage, upon considering the benefits that you have gain our of bulk SMS marketing services, you should definitely continued to go with using online bulk SMS service as your business marketing strategy regardless of the price hike.
SMS’s are one of the best and quickest ways to market business. Despite that, there are still few people having a misconception, which bulk SMS services are only limited to certain types of business. The true facts are that bulk SMS marketing fetch results for all kinds of businesses.
Here are some of the reasons why you should choose bulk SMS marketing services in spite of the price hike of bulk SMS if you are in a dilemma of why you should still go for bulk SMS marketing service:

1. Instant Speed

What’s good about SMS’s are that it is known for their speed in both delivering and receiving the SMS’s. The open rate of SMS is 98% and SMS works at a higher pace and faster response in comparison to email, as email marketing is now considered to be outdated. To add, SMS is read within 5 seconds on an average and the SMS content will be sent to the subscribers within seconds once the SMS is sent through the bulk SMS gateway. Hence, irrespective of the current bulk SMS price hike, you should still go for bulk SMS marketing if you wish to expose and promote your business branding to huge numbers of audiences within seconds.

2. Right Target

It is essential to ensure that the messages are highly targeted as possible in today’s highly competitive world. Sending out bulk marketing messages randomly and expecting the people to respond is mere to waste of investment. Bulk SMS is being permission based on business communication tool, your messages would be reaching to those who have already been in relation to your business or earlier agreed to receive your business messages. Hence, your messages would be sent out right at the target. Thus, even with a slight price hike on bulk SMS, it is certainly recommended to go with bulk SMS marketing strategy for your business.

3. High Return on Investment

With just a tiny fraction of cost spend for bulk SMS marketing to convey business information, it assured to reach to more than 1000 of customers in a fraction of seconds. While comparing with other marketing advertisement medium, even with the slight price hike of bulk SMS, it does not make a difference and spending for bulk SMS marketing would definitely cost cheaper and lower compared to outdoor advertising streams like commercials and newspaper ads.

4. Integration with Other Campaigns

Customarily, integrating your system or software with bulk SMS marketing services can enhance and help to convey the SMS content or information on time or recurring besides on ensuring that the content is clearly conveyed. With such integrated campaign, the price hike of bulk SMS does not have much effect on the return on investment whilst social channels and traditional media do not always reach your customer on time. Whence, integrating bulk messaging into your marketing campaign would definitely have a huge potential for your business benefits and success.

5. Be Precise and Concise to The Point

Be sure that your SMS content is concise and straight to the point. Although, bulk SMS marketing sound easy, but creating the SMS message content is not easy because 1 SMS is permitted only with 160 characters. Therefore, you need to ensure that the SMS content needs to be precise, short and meaningful and the peoples know what action to take in response to the message they received. Even the message recipients would prefer reading shorter message than long SMS contents. Therefore, please take note on the SMS character length as SMS characters that more than 160 would result in an extra SMS credit charge.

6. Money Saving

As time is directly related to money, you can save more time by using bulk SMS marketing gateway as you can utilize the scheduling SMS components to schedule and organize the bulk SMS marketing campaign for later dates thereby saving your time and money. Having more time means saving more of your money. To add, bulk SMS marketing platform also has the features to help you filtered out any invalid mobile number and recipients, this will help you to save your time and cost. Hence, taking all this consideration, you should go for bulk SMS marketing service even with a slight price hike of bulk SMS and it should not be an issue.