SMS Opportunities

Grow your business on a mobile marketing platform that is branded all yours.

Partnership with us!

SMS Marketing with is reliable, cost-effective and immediate. At no additional cost to you! Take advantages of mobile marketing trends and extend your service offerings. Partnering with will allow you to offer your clients the mobile marketing services they have or will be asking for, be it single way SMS, bulk SMS or 2-Way SMS services.
With, you have a turnkey portal which allows you to create and manage mobile marketing campaigns for your clients or the option to offer your own re-branded Mobile Marketing portal, accessed directly from your website, which we called it White Label SMS Marketing.

Re-brand our white-label text marketing platform

Your clients will be able to securely login through your customised login page to use your services. Once logged in, your clients will be able to send and receive messages and manage their account with you.
Re-brand our white-label text marketing platform, give your clients access and start making money with

Web hosting

There are no technical skills required to operate your own SMS marketing portal. No programming or web hosting experience needed. We host everything. You can set your own URL, product name and add your logo.

Web design

From the responses that you are getting from the reporting tool, you can measure the success of your efforts and fine-tune the marketing campaigns and targeted customers for maximum result.