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SMS Credits

1. Is there any expiration date for my SMS credits and how long are the SMS credits be valid?

No, there’s no expiration date for your SMS credits and it will remain to be valid until it is fully utilized.

2. How long does it take for my SMS credits to be released to my account?

Once we have tracked your payment and it’s cleared, your SMS credits will be released immediately and we will inform you. An invoice receipt will be issued to you and be sent to your registered email in our system.

On the contrary, for payment which made through Interbank Giro (IBG) and cheques, your SMS credits will only be released once payment is cleared.

3. What is the cost of your SMS credits?

You may check with us on the packages we have and you may purchase the SMS credits based on the package you prefer. The higher the volume purchased, the lower the cost per credit will be.

4. Will I be charged if the SMS is failed to deliver?

Yes, your credit will be charged and deducted because our servers have already sent SMS to telco servers while there’s no refund.

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Topping Up

1. How can I top up my account and can I top up using online banking?

You can make your payment through bank transfer or bank in through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to our company’s account. Besides that, we also accept payment made by cheques. Yes, you can top up your account using online banking methods as well.

2. What do I need to do after payment has been made?

Once payment is made, please inform us your payment details along with your payment slip and bank account holder name as a proof of payment in order for us to track your payment.

3. What is the minimum amount for top up and is there any limit on how much I can top up a month?

The minimum top up is RM 100 (2,000 credits) and there’s no limit for maximum amount on how much you can top up either in a month or year. You may top up as much as you want according to your own usages and purposes. Remember, enjoy more savings when you buy more.

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Technical Questions

1. What is the maximum length per SMS and what if my SMS is longer than 1 SMS?

For standard Alphanumeric SMS usually in English Language or Bahasa Malaysia, the usual maximum characters are 160 characters per SMS. Whereas, for Short Code and Long Code SMS, the maximum characters are 153 and “RM 0.00 ” will be auto-added in each SMS. For Unicode characters like Chinese, Japanese or Emoji, the maximum characters are 70 characters.

In regards to the SMS types as mentioned above, for any additional characters will be regarded as the subsequent SMS and will be charged for 2 SMS price.

2. Can I import and Export my database to the system?

Yes, you can import your database to our system either in .xlsx or .csv format.

3. Can I send the SMS to more than 100 recipients?

Yes, you can send your SMS to more than 100 recipients through Bulk SMS sending option. In addition, you can also schedule and personalize the SMS through Bulk SMS sending option.

4. Is there any delivery report provided for me to refer if my SMS was sent successfully?

Yes, we do provide an instant delivery report based on each SMS that you have sent. It comes with 3 status which is Success, Queue and Failure.

5. Are there any “retry” options in the sending queue?

Our system will automatically retry to send the SMS that failed to reach the recipients in the next few hours in the case where the recipient phone was out of the coverage area or the phone was switched off.

6. Can I send my text messages / SMS internationally?

Yes, you can. Our service covers global coverage to most part of the world such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and New Zealand. This would allow your business to expand in the international level successfully.

7. What is the delivery time?

Our approximate delivery time is around 40 SMSs per second and it is also depending on the SMS traffic. It is advised to send your SMS in between 8 AM to 7 PM daily, the earlier the better.

8. Can I create a sub-accounts for my employees, friends or colleagues?

Yes, we allow unlimited sub-accounts and these accounts will be labeled as users which you may transfer SMS credits to their respective account.

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1. How safe are the database and my personal details in my SMS123 account?

We verify and validate your identity to ensure that you are the only one that can access your account along with database safe. All information provided will be kept confidential. is a secure website. Your information and identity are completely protected by our Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). It is designed to prevent interception of your private information sent over the internet or a computer network.