How Restaurants & Bars Use Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign for Takeaways & To Engage Customers

send bulk SMS text messages for business online
Bulk SMS marketing is the perfect channel to use for restaurants, cafes and bars for reaching out to customers. 81% of consumers search for restaurants on their mobile devices. People use their mobile phones to decide where to eat, what to eat and who to eat with.
Many restaurant owners have turned something as bland as their restaurant tables into a marketing opportunity, by using restaurant mobile marketing to generate a ton of business for their revenue.
SMS marketing for restaurants is simple. You can entice customers to opt in with a special deal, discount or offer and here are a few ideas on how you can use SMS marketing campaign for your restaurant, café or bar.

✓ Promote Events and Deals

With SMS123.NET bulk SMS features, it enables you to send hundreds of mobile SMS alerts in a matter of minutes. Schedule and blast your text messages to be blast out at a time when they will have the biggest impact.

✓ Brand Awareness and Promotion

Never assume that your customers know who you are! Add your brand or company name and even website in front of every text messages and Use SMS short codes for redeemable prices to promote your brand with short and sweet SMS offers.

✓ Staff Rostering

You may also use SMS for internal staff operations and communications to send mobile alerts every week to inform staff member of their work schedules and last-minute changes.

✓ Attract New Customers’ with Exclusive Deals

Promote the right deal to the right audience by using bulk SMS marketing to send exclusive restaurant offers, monthly contests, 1+1 meals, student deals, vouchers and coupons, which extremely work well with restaurant SMS marketing.

✓ Promote New Dishes and Menu

Use SMS marketing for your restaurant to blast and send regular update to your customers’ and let them know about your tasty new dishes by sending them a text with an irresistible deal.

✓ Scheduled Texts for Booking Reminders and Cancellations

Sending automated text messages with appointment and booking reminders can help to significantly decrease the number of ‘no-shows’ and it can also be used for some takeaways order as well.

✓ Create Polls

Creating SMS polls and using SMS marketing is one of the best ways to boost customer’s engagement. You use the collected information to plan your next mobile marketing campaign.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Text Messages Marketing Plans for Restaurants

The benefits of SMS marketing for restaurants and bars are endless, which includes good ROI, low price, convenience and effectiveness. An enticing text with an SMS short code, sent at the right time, can attract hundreds of customers whilst automated texts with appointment reminders can save you a lot of hard-earned money.
Here are the key benefits of text marketing for restaurants:

➢ Cost-effective

SMS marketing for restaurants is cheaper than printed ads and flyers. SMS123.NET appointment / scheduling reminder system, will help you to significantly reduce the number of no-shows and send them at the right time and you may obtain even greater Return on Investment (ROI).

➢ Scheduled Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

You can conveniently set up scheduled bulk SMS text messages ahead of time according to your calendar and upcoming events by streamline your SMS marketing campaign with SMS123.NET system.

➢ Customer Royalty and Return Visits

Having an exclusive deals of SMS marketing for your restaurant by having hot deals will encourage people to become repeat customer for a customer loyalty club.

➢ Great Business Exposure

SMS marketing performs four or five times better than other forms of advertising as roughly 98% of people will read text, but only 20% will open an email. SMS marketing is more effective than other forms of marketing for restaurants, cafes and bars.

➢ Reach Customers’ Instantly

You can reach your customers’ instantly by sending text messages to your client mobile number and catching them at the right time can significantly boost your sales and especially when their stomach is growling for foods and beverages.

➢ The Perfect Solution

Restaurant SMS mobile marketing can also help to strengthened you customer relations in time and direct marketing through SMS is the most viable and effective strategy for restaurants.
Using bulk SMS marketing campaign can tremendously help with the branding of your restaurant, café or bar and simultaneously can help to improve your customer service and streamlined your internal operations.