Does SMS Marketing Work and Who Uses SMS Marketing?

In most cases, almost all types of business would be benefited from using SMS either for sales, surveys, external communication or using it internally with their employees or contractors. In fact, it is almost impossible to think of a single business that wouldn’t benefit from using SMS for their business.
As a matter of fact, a whopping 97% of all businesses become a success with SMS marketing and said it works. To add, these answers ranged from multiple different business sectors that proved SMS works for everyone.
What’s more is that those who said that they use SMS marketing were a large majority of Retail Sector (14.6%) with Healthcare (12.2%) and Marketing (9.8%) closely behind over a split of 15 different sectors that use SMS marketing.
What’s surprising is that there are still many businesses saying they had never used SMS marketing before, 67% in precise. This means that only 33% of businesses use SMS marketing.
Despite that, it is unfortunate to hear that there are still some businesses who haven’t yet experienced the power of SMS yet. In point of fact that 97% of those companies that have integrated with SMS marketing into their business plans said it works.
In addition, as a matter of surprising facts, many businesses still saying that they had never used SMS marketing and that is 67% in precise. In reality, it means only 33% of business are using SMS marketing.

Why does SMS marketing work?

Knowing the fact that 97% of all businesses are satisfied and said SMS marketing works well for them is not enough. As there are still many businesses out there that is still curious on why SMS marketing works.
For that reason, the answer for why SMS marketing works well for them is based on the below responses.
• “98% open rate”
• “Being able to keep customers informed”
• “Easy way to communicate and gives consumers the flexibility to reply if they want to or not”
• “Easy way to communicate”
• “Enables patients to turn up for their appointment”
• “Everyone who receives the message reads it and it doesn’t get deleted. Nowadays people are always on their phones so when the message comes through, they see it”
• “Gets the job done”
• “It informs my followers of upcoming exhibitions”
• “Keeps customers informed”
• “SMS is more customer-centric, customer-specific & has one of the largest social media reaches”
• “People can instantly check the SMS, compared to email and other communications”
• “People do not have time to communicate through phone calls”
• “Quick response to surveys”
• “SMS is more customer-centric”
It’s never too late to start using SMS marketing for your business. If you are new to the SMS gateway platform and wanted to see how amazing and easy it is, sign up now ( Because, with all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips, SMS still stands up to all of that and works wonders for so many businesses.